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Sep 3, 2021

Completion of a high resolution magnetic and radiometric survey at Quimbaya’s Berrio Project

We are pleased to announce that on July 16 th , 2021, a helicopter-borne high resolution magnetic and radiometric survey was completed at Quimbaya’s Berrio project. This is a major step forward for the project. The results are good quality data and maps that now needs to be analyzed and interpreted by our geologist, and advisors.


Geophysics is a study of the Earth’s natural properties. The processes of change with the Earth’s crust create changes in natural properties, in order to establish a signature or fingerprint of the natural properties of the Earth that leads the company to gold-silver mineralization discoveries and drill targets.

One geological characteristic that Quimbaya Gold is looking for in the geophysics include the rock type, magnetics of the rock which will identify different rock type contact zones, fault shear zones, porphyry bodies, and hydrothermal alteration. Given that, Quimbaya Gold has confirmed that the northwest quarter of the property is the Segovia Batholith which is famous for rich gold-silver mineralization.


The magnetic geophysics will identify the exact area of the Segovia Batholith along with its contact zone with the mineralized black shale unit, and the famously mineralized Nus Fault zone which is part of the Palestina Fault system. Quimbaya Gold has six types of magnetic geophysics which observes from surface to hundreds of meters deep. Quimbaya Gold will also identify the location of the northern extension of the Mineralized Black Shale which hosts the actively producing gold-silver mines in Minas del Vapor just three kilometers to the south of the Quimbaya Gold Project.


The second very important geophysics done by Quimbaya Gold is radiometric. This identifies the major events over a 60,000,000-year time that changed the natural characteristics of the rocks. This includes potassic alteration related to very hot fluids that changed the structure of the minerals within the rock. Gold-silver mineralization in Colombia is strongly related to potassic alteration. Quimbaya Gold is also looking a uranium, thorium, total count radiation, and the combination of each to identify zones within the Quimbaya Gold project with intense alteration which may have caused mineralization. Much of this important alteration occurs along shear fault zones, which are important to gold-silver mineralization.

Next steps:

Quimbaya Gold’s geological team using the geophysics with ground geological investigation, gold in soil samples, gold in rock samples, and gold in stream sediment samples will identify the signature geophysics that correlate to mineralization. Once the mineralization signature is identified, we will conduct field survey and investigate every geophysical signature that correlates to mineralization

When the geophysical targets test positive for gold-silver mineralization, then the site becomes a potential drill target.


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